Tailored, detailed and technology-neutral consulting for your digital transformation

Every digital transformation journey is different. We’ll help you find yours.
You are at the heart of everything we do

We don’t see consulting as proposing the same ideas to different companies. For us, consulting means working with you to achieve your goals, show you new options and get the most out of your resources and requirements.

You know your company and your business best. We share strategies, expertise and methods to help you maximise potential, no matter where your company is on its journey.

That’s why we developed our consulting framework, so we have the right methods ready for any situation and can provide a tailored service that perfectly matches your requirements. Our focus is always on business value – the added value that we create for you.

The synaigy consulting framework

synaigy Consulting Framework

Our consulting framework is divided into phases and modules. The individual phases are universally applicable and cover the whole process, from business vision all the way through to monitoring. Each module is compatible with the others and can be individually adapted and scaled to meet your requirements.

That allows us to support companies and projects of any size – from helping with the complete development and implementation of a digital strategy to providing targeted support in an ongoing project.

The various phases

Our coaching approach

Everything we do is built around offering you as much added value as possible. And of course that means that all results of our work remain with you.

What’s more, our coaching approach allows us to equip your staff and key stakeholders with key skills that will benefit your company in every future project.

Knowledge is the currency of the 21st century, and in the same way that we learn from you, we also share our knowledge with you.

Your team is responsible for your company’s success, and we help them meet the next challenge with new tools, commitment and renewed motivation.

Coaching von Mitarbeitern und Key Stakeholdern
Consulting & Workshops

We know from experience how to make the move from theory to practice.

Our consultants

Our consultants have industry experience with the knowledge and expertise to match. We have all worked on projects of varying sizes and complexity, and some of us have led departments and companies.