Web analytics is the cornerstone of first-class customer experience

Does it work? Yes, no – maybe. Why don’t you just measure it?

For a perfect user experience...

...you need time, staff and creative flair. Are these investments actually worth it? Standard KPIs such as revenue, average basket value and bounce rate are interesting. In the age of the customer, creating a perfect user experience, based on solid analytics, is critical for building long-term customer relationships and increasing customer lifetime value. New shop systems are continuously emerging, with features such as storytelling, shopping worlds and a range of functions promising a better, more emotive user experience. Many operators use multiple systems and hope that these new possibilities will boost their online success. 

Delighting and retaining customers in the long term

What you need is a steady amount of optimization based on well-founded user insights. Web analytics shows you how your customers and users navigate through your online shopping world, what they like, and which functions and features are particularly relevant. That’s the only way you can optimize shop and website usability and create a user-centred experience. Web analytics also shows you how successful your online marketing measures have been, and you can see whether you’ve invested your budget efficiently or if it might make sense to redistribute.

However, data management, lack of time and lack of expertise can be insurmountable hurdles for some companies.

Our approach is to work together systematically to find the right answers

By offering impartial advice, we guarantee that together we will find your ideal web analytics system. In line with our ‘part of your team’ approach, we include all relevant areas of the company, conducting interviews and workshops to develop solutions for your specific needs. This is the best way for us to understand your particular requirements and implement future web analytics solutions according to your specific needs.




We clarify the most important business aspects and gain an understanding of your IT environment.


Reporting and concept


We create an individual concept to define your goals.


Analytics tool & tagging guide


We use your business requirements to set out the tool and tracking parameters.


Tool implementation


Either we implement the solution or you can do it at your offices following an IT briefing.


Setting up the system


We carry out the initial set-up and configuration for data tracking.


Dashboards, documentation and training sessions


We create data dashboards and documentation

We begin with a workshop phase to clarify the most important business questions and understand your IT environment. Drawing on the insights gained, we create a bespoke reporting concept that describes the goals and propose a suitable analytics tool.

Our tagging guide is tailored to your business requirements and defines how data should be tracked. We are happy to implement the tool, or you can do it yourself with the help of an extensive IT briefing.

Once the systems are configured, we do the initial set-up and configure the system for data tracking. Our tasks also include creating data dashboards and documentation with recommendations, plus training for your staff with a focus on building expertise. 


When and how exactly can you find out whether new measures are successful?

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