Customer centric at all digital touchpoints

The ‘age of the customer’ describes a paradigm shift in customer behaviour. The ‘age of the customer’ describes a paradigm shift in customer behaviour.
Customer centricity runs through everything we do

We live in the age of the customer. Changes due to digitalization and integration have placed the focus even more on the customer. Customers have never been this important, and they are more powerful market players than ever before. For our clients, this is the starting point for their ideas and actions. It is up to them to take on the challenge and initiate the transformation. synaigy took this on board in the early days of digitalization and moved the customer to the forefront. So customer centricity has more than one meaning for us: on the one hand it is the reason for everything we do. On the other, it is the founding principle for all our activities and for how we work with our clients.

We love what we do.

Coming from a range of backgrounds, our staff contribute their experience and expertise to give our clients an optimum digital customer interaction solution in marketing, sales and customer service. We are passionate about what we do and bring both expertise and energy to the table. We support our clients from consulting and implementing design, technology and operations to optimization.

And it’s this particular combination that we love. A combination of creating fundamental change in processes and business models, tackling technical challenges, and working with people in their ongoing change process. To put it another way, measurable success and customer-focus are the bedrock of all synaigy projects. We unite the interests of IT, marketing and management to create effective, efficient customer solutions.

Bearing in mind one of the key conclusions – ‘communication is content plus technology’ – synaigy provides an exciting offering for optimizing customer contact, interaction and retention.

Christophe KaltEuroCIS 2016