Digital development is an integrated task.
Specialists in digitalizing marketing, sales and customer service

Times are changing. Trends, technology and user habits cause business models to change and turn sectors upside down overnight. At synaigy we love the rapid pace of the digital world because it challenges us every day to develop innovative ideas and solutions. If you want to be successful across the board these days, you need to do more than just run a standard online shop and post on two or three social media channels. You need a smart, tailored and mature digitalization solution that will adapt to rapid transformation and react promptly to fast-changing technology and user habits. With our comprehensive portfolio, the TIMETOACT Group by our side and a strong network of partners around us, we endeavour to help you redesign your strategy and develop your business models. We support you with everything from consulting and design to implementation, operation and optimization.

  • Consulting

    Our consulting modules help you develop an understanding of your customers, execute selection processes for technology and initiatives, and develop concepts and architectures.

  • Design

    Good design expresses a company’s identity and provides guidance for users. Our 5D method enables us to develop a design that hits the mark for all touchpoints.

  • Marketing

    Digital marketing has now become content marketing and marketing automation. These are the key elements we work with, together with a holistic view of the customer journey and close collaboration between sales and marketing.

  • Customer service

    Many companies in traditional industry start digitalizing their customer service but don’t think about sales and marketing until afterwards. Whatever your starting point, good digital customer service can include everything from digitalizing existing processes relating to your daily business, to implementing chatbots. We provide the whole spectrum and start with you, the client, to create the right strategy.

  • Sales

    For many, digitalization means selling products and services on an online platform, 24/7. That’s often the focus when considering an online catalogue, shop and omnichannel commerce. It’s an important part of the bigger picture for us, too, from choosing a platform to implementing it. We use key criteria to help our clients find the right solution. After all, in most cases, e-commerce technology is used as the basis for the customer interaction platform.

  • Technology

    We love technology and draw on a wide array of platforms, products and disciplines. In spite of, or perhaps because of that, we know that technology is only the means to an end. But once the direction is clear and the software has been selected, it’s essential to handle this highly complex element of digitalization professionally. Our experience with shops, CMS, PIM, DAM, CRM, integration and interfaces combined with cutting edge cloud solutions and architectures allows us to offer the right combination of components and services for our clients to be successful. In other words, the right kit for your digitalization adventure.

  • Operations

    Digital customer interaction systems need to be hosted and operated. With that, too, we’ll stay right by your side and can provide everything from a single source, from hosting and operation in your data centre to public cloud solutions. From purely technical operation to a managed service 24/7, we take the sting out of complex technology.

  • Data, AI and analytics

    Data is the fuel for digital business models and is a goldmine for non-digital companies. Combined with the possibilities offered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, it can open up unimaginable potential for process automatization and optimization. Drawing on a good understanding of analytics, we offer our customers solutions from message classification and routing to automated data enrichment and smart chatbots.

Most cases are not an either/or situation; you can usually have both. It’s all about disciplines interweaving to form a complete whole.


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