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Profitable solutions for retailers, industry, brands and manufacturers.
Manufacturers and brands are increasingly taking on retail functions, triggering a verticalization process.

Retail has been in the throes of a huge transformation process for several years. The growth of online retail has caused whole market structures to change. While there used to be an obvious split between B2B and B2C, these categories are now less clear-cut and have been joined by B2B2C, D2C and others. This means that manufacturers and wholesalers are increasingly selling directly to end customers as well. The relationship between individual channels is also changing.

There used to be traditional retail, plus companies who concentrated solely on e-commerce. Then came the multichannel approach – using several independently managed channels. And now these are converging ever closer. ‘No line' is the new buzzword instead of multichannel.


Customers’ experiences online and at your bricks-and-mortar location must be as consistent as possible. Changing between channels should be seamless.

Tailored solutions for your e-commerce strategy. From creating a new shop to giving an existing platform a smart new look.

You need a strong partner to keep up with all these rapidly changing developments. synaigy specializes in e-commerce and uses a variety of systems, meaning our clients can choose the software that fits their requirements best. For small and medium-sized companies, for example, a Shopware system might be best. And depending on the business case, HCL Commerce might be a good choice for manufacturers, industry and other major players. HCL Commerce is an important additional tool for implementing an efficient omnichannel strategy. At synaigy we support you with the technical implementation and use of these shop platforms. We put together a personalized mix for you, so you can roll out a multichannel strategy that is optimized for your company’s requirements.